Big Brother Brasil

At appartment of Juliana.

Tonight I was invited to look at the final of Big Brother Brasil. I am not a big fan of Big Brother, but in the past weeks I became a fan of Graziella… So I voted for her, while Juliana was 100% sure that Jean should win. It was a very nice evening with tasteful pizzas and guarana, but I expected more tears and emotion, at least on the TV screen. At the ‘moment supreme’ it became clear that Jean was the winner with 55%, and Graziella second with 40%. A little bit dissapointed but full of pizza I went home…

Many thanks to Juliana for her delicious pizzas!

2 Responses to “Big Brother Brasil”

  1. Barto Says:

    Vet gave foto’s :-)

  2. Emídio Says:

    Hi Rene,

    How are you doing?
    Your fotolog is very cool, but I only didn’t understand one word in Dutch. :-)


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